SIA „TESLA” offers the following design works:

  • cable lines designing till 1kV;

  • air and overhead cable lines designing till 1kV;

  • cable lines designing from 1-20kV;

  • transformer substation, switching and distribution points designing 1-20kV;

  • power and light stations designing for houses and public buildings;

  • diesel power stations designing till 500 kW;

  • building (passive) lighting protection designing;

  • test instruments designing for automatics and electric equipment;

  • Electrics designing for power stations till 2 MW.

SIA „TESLA” carries out designing of power equipment in premises with 20 kV voltage, as well as implements design works (private orders) for JSC “Sadales Tikls” since 2007.

Many of the projects designed have been implemented. The main goal of LTD “TESLA” specialists-designers is to provide customers with qualitative designing services within the fixed dates.

Designing- tehnical projects

Electric power supply

SIA „TESLA” specialists offer implementation of the following electric power supply related works construction:

  • of substations and distribution points as well as construction control and supervision activities;

  • of overhead lines with operational voltage till 20kV;

  • of cable lines with operational voltage till 20kV;

  • of transformer substations with operational voltage till 20kV;

  • of distribution equipment with operational voltage till 20kV;

  • implementation of measurements and technical parameters check for cable networks equipment till 1 kV.

SIA “Tesla”  carries out construction, reconstruction, renovation and repair of indoor and outdoor power networks till 20kV. During installation and wiring works high attention is paid on the quality aspect. Purchase of materials necessary for works implementation is always made from the certified suppliers. Purchase of materials is always made in accordance with manufacturer plans and recommendations. LTD “TESLA” purchases only those materials, which quality is acknowledged by corresponding certificates. Works are carried out in accordance with all laws and regulations, including ones issued by local governments as well as national standards applicable to works during their implementation.

SIA „TESLA” carries out construction, reconstruction, renovation and repair of indoor and outdoor power networks till 20kV.

There are various ways of indoor and outdoor electrical power supply, which ensure functional and effective site functioning, including lighting mains, inner premises and building lighting, power mains, high and low voltage cable distribution networks, transformer points, distribution and accounting nodes.

Electric power suply


SIA „TESLA” specialists offer implementation of the following measurements:

  • loop resistance measurement “phase-0”;

  • insulation resistance measurement;

  • other resistance measurements;

  • conductor sag measurement;

  • grounding resistance measurement;

  • power cables laying place detection;

  • overvoltage cables check;

  • measurements with test chamber;

  • electric energy quality and consumption analysis using power analyzer.

Lightning protection

SIA „TESLA” offers:

  • design and installation of outdoor lighting protection;

  • design and installation of grounding contour;

  • design and installation of indoor lighting protection.

Each year, about 16 million lighting strikes happen worldwide. It is about 44 lightings a day. Direct lighting strike is very dangerous for a human being and often leads to death. In turn, lighting strike canresult in fire, total destruction of building or equipment, for instance computer equipment failure. Strong electromagnetic field, which affects the equipment generates during the lighting strike. Assessment of lighting strike possibility and possible related damage extent are of great importance. Lighting protection installation should be carried out in accordance with the applicable standards. Properly and well planned installation of lighting protection equipment helps to reduce the risk of fire, health risks and hazards to life, as well as electronics damage risk.

Lightning protection is a complex of technical solutions and specialized equipment, used to prevent fires and protect buildings, equipment and people inside the building from direct lighting strikes and secondary impacts.

Lightning protection

Nowadays, indoor lighting protection became very important. This is explained by the fact, that very sensitive and expensive equipment (computers, mobile phones, new generation TV sets, boilers with electronic control unit, washing machines, dishwashers, security systems, cameras and other equipment that contains highly sensitive semiconductor devices) is being produced. We offer to install both active and passive lighting protection

  Active lighting protection works in the provocative way. Electromagnetic oscillation detector and ion generator are attached to the receiver pin. If hardware adapters show high power in the air, they activate ion generator. Its radiation extends lightning rod and quickly provokes leakage of the discharge. Active lighting protection system is cheaper and easier to install.

  Passive lighting protection receiver is a shaped steel rod as thick as your little finger, which rises above the supporting structures and first receives the lightning strike, brings it to the ground by means of grounding wires and dissipates it in the ground.

Electrical wiring installation

Specialists of SIA „TESLA” offer:

  • designing, assembling and electrical wiring installation in multi-storey and private houses, offices and manufacturing facilities.

Proper installation of electrical wiring involves the use of appropriate materials, tools and technologies. This is also a compliance of security requirements, as well as the use of rational and cost-effective solutions. Ease of application, safety of people and property, economic aspects and regulations must be taken into account during the design development for electric power lines. Unprofessionally and improperly conducted electrical wiring installation is one of the most common causes of fires and accidents related to electricity.

Rules for arrangement of electrical installation (PUE), fire protection requirements (FPR) and documentation issued by the Latvian Standard must be followed during electrical wiring installation.

Electrical wiring installation starts with the design development. Design is an electrical wiring installation plan, developed by a certified specialist, which corresponds to all the applicable requirements and recommendations. During the design development stage, planning engineer assumes responsibility for the quality of the design developed.

Electrical wiring installation

Low power networks

SIA „TESLA” offers low-voltage network design and construction.


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