SIA “Tesla”-  Electric power suply

SIA „ TESLA ” was founded in 2007 and successfully works in the energy industry.

SIA “TESLA”, carries out ordered works installation and wiring works, paying a high attention to the quality aspect. Purchase and ordering of materials production, required for works implementation, are always made from certified suppliers and manufacturers. Works are carried out in accordance with all laws and regulations, including ones issued by local governments as well as national standards applicable to works during their implementation. The same requirements apply to partners and contractors, which the company has signed agreements with on mutual cooperation.

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SIA “TESLA” principle is

to work and cooperate only with the top professionals in the industry.

SIA “TESLA” credo is

an individual approach to each client and each project and ability to find the most effective solution to a specific task.

SIA “Tesla”-  qualification

SIA “Tesla”-  partners


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